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 Tallygarunga-Australian Academy of magic!

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PostSubject: Tallygarunga-Australian Academy of magic!   Sat May 22, 2010 12:43 am

considering a move to the bright and sunny australia?
we've magical schools covered;
That's for sure. Play a character of any age, attending one of our three amazing wizarding schools. Not interested in playing a character at Hogwart's age? That's cool! Younger children can attend St Andrew's Magical & Muggle Primary - or if you like to go older, study a wizarding degree at the Victoria Magical University. Students between 11 and 17 can attend Tallygarunga Academy of Magic - Australia's very own answer to Hogwarts. And if students aren't your style, we're accepting teachers and professors for all three. Never thought you'd teach Cruel & Unusual Geography? Think again!

we've got in-character fun covered;

From the streets of quiet Narragyambie, to the bustling city of Melbourne - we've got wizarding supplies coming out our ears. Wands, caudrons, robes and textbooks - as well as the usual fun activities, ice rinks and outdoor theatres! With such a wide range of forums and places to play, your character need never get bored again! All of our plots are member driven, so the only limitation is your own imagination when it comes to plotting. We've even got a few unusual IC features such as character twitter, gossip and an in-character shoutbox.

we've got awesome covered;

With a friendly OOC community and a roleplay that has been going strong since August 2006, we love to welcome in new members and help them become part of the game. There's no need to be Australian, or even an experienced roleplayer to join in - we're more than happy to teach you all you need to know. We've got everything, from beginners to advanced, all having fun and all just waiting for you to join! And when you can play a character of literally any age.. what's stopping you? It's Harry Potter -- our way, and it's only going to get even better from here.

Come and join the fun, and make your own way in the Australian wizarding world!


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Tallygarunga-Australian Academy of magic!
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