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 Hogwarts Guide

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This is the Official Hogwarts Guide.Here you can read a List of What and when amd all related stuff about Our Hogwarts Forum.

Being A member, you first Need to Register a sorting request in the Great Hall so that you can be sorted and then You can view your common rooms.This is an important step because Only then will Professor be able to grant and register your points to be counted in to the End Of Term House Cup!!!

After Getting Sucessfull sorted, you can view your common rooms, and the next Step is that you need to take your Wand Tests which is writting a paragraph on how you baought your wand From your Wandmaker.You will be graded and added Points For that to your House.This is important because, only then will you be able to cast spells, take part in duels and all Those

The next step is that you must take your apparitions Test, though it is not necessary , ytu can have it when you get Time

Then you can go around Hogwarts And Explore it, read Reports, search Libraries and All those.The Most inportant is that you need to attend open classes and do assignments or homeworks so you score More points and Be the Hero Of The term.

You can also relive your tensions of you academic Part and The Hogwarts Arcade, where you can play numerous Intresting Games, take part in making reports, Essays Poems and anything else in the Hogwarts Parchemnt and even take our challenges in the Points chamber and earn More range shoot Out points to boost your score

Teacher Occasionally take classes, Arrnage Field trips and All those, so it is best if you can post all your feelings , entry and exit scenes in Role Play style.Each Post must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs which will boost Your Points

You can also take a Roleplay style Duel in the duellings forum or have A live Duel in Our Duel room.All information about The Duel rooms are posted in The Notice Boards.You can also take challenges, after registering a request in the Challenge Chamber.You might be given situations and you need to tackle them, which gives you more Points.

The special Class Section is for taking special classes on special charms, spells or Magical objects that is required.In that section of Hogwarts, you can also register you created spells for staff to Evaluate and then send it to our spells database and Will be free for usage around Hogwarts.

All technical problems in Hogwarts Are looked after in the Head Masters office.You can post there about Suggestions, forum issues and More.Each suggestion gives you 20 points.

*****Information To Follow********

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Hogwarts Guide
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