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 Potions To Be Taught

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PostSubject: Potions To Be Taught   Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:31 pm

Year 1

Invention of the Essence
Potion labelling
polyjuice potion and you
Ingredients Galore

Year 2

Potion Identification
Potions in the Movies
Veritaserum Part 2: Veritaserum and The Dark Lord

Veritaserum Discussion Lesson

Potion Puzzle 1: Potion class
Potion Puzzle 2: Snappy's Mistake

Basics of Felix Felicis
Understanding Felix
Love potion
Bubble bubble toil and trouble - potion creation
Draught of the living dead

Discussion 1: Felix Felicis

Potions brain taser
Potions word search

Year 4

Brew fame or bottle glory?
Potions pop quiz

Potions panic
Drink me
Spooky potions

Year 5

Veristuserum or Dare!
Potions Shopping List
Muggle Mishap!
Potions Field Trip Pt 1: Pack Your Bags!
Potions Present
House Potions
Locked In The Potions Classroom!

All these are to be atugh By the potions master Horace Slughorn for their respective Years

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Potions To Be Taught
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