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 Duelling Rules

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PostSubject: Duelling Rules   Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:17 pm

Duel Rules

When participating within a dueling tournament, please follow the below rules and guidelines to make the most out of your experience and earn more housepoints for your house.

These new rules have been put into commencement from June 2007 and will take place within the main tournament from the third round of the 2007 tournament ongoing now and through every other tournament from then on.
1- Animagus and Apparation are allowed but only for those who passed the tests. These tests can be signed up for within the Notice Board Forum. Occulmancy is coming to HE soon, therefore this can not be used until the test has been completed.

2- Healing during duels is not allowed/allowed only as part of the course and only a few times if needed as it ruins the
course of the duel if you keep healing yourself! You are not able to die, though, and your opponent must not kill you in any way. You must continue to duel after being hurt, reflecting your spells and role play upon this injury. Being injured does not take points from you, though points will be added if you react and act in the correct way afterwards.

3- In some duels, you will only be allowed to bring in a specific amount of items to the duel and these must be stated before
hand, saying what they are and what they do. You must not bring in items which are a higher level than your post count years. A list of different items and levels will be up shortly.

4. You must not role play for your opponent/s. You must let your spell play out and your opponent react in the way they think is best. Points are not lost for injury, but are gained for how each of you react and act against one another.

Rounds within each tournament will/may have different guidelines, and/or added guidelines so always read carefully to enhance your point gaining ability

Portus Speels should only be used with the HeadMaster's Approval and request can be filed in his Office.The Use of unforgivable spell is strictly prohibited

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Duelling Rules
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