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 Iaciuntes Glacies

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Ist Year
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PostSubject: Iaciuntes Glacies    Iaciuntes Glacies  EmptyTue Jan 18, 2011 5:21 am

Iaciuntes Glacies (AY-a--sEE-OOHnT-eS GLA-seE-Hes)
~ Movement of the wand
- Flit, then point to opponent..
~ Result on the wand
- Makes a Misty bluish little ring, at the tip of your wand.. pointing to the direction of the wand tip..
~ Result
- The opponent may freeze, or be covered in ice. If not said properly, the misty bluish glow might point to you, and ofcourse, freeze you OR COVER YOU IN THICK COLD AND FREEZING ICE..
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Iaciuntes Glacies
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