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 Wayward Wiccan

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Ist Year

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PostSubject: Wayward Wiccan   Wayward Wiccan EmptyWed Jan 12, 2011 4:49 am

I strolled into Ollivander's and gawked at the stacks upon stacks of boxes. They seemed to be piled upon each other quite quickly and they looked as if they could topple over any second. I tiptoed past them so as not to disturb their slumber. I got to the front desk and after a few minutes of waiting for someone I called out.

"Hello? Mr. Ollivander?"

"Ah, Miss Wiccan," he state as he appeared from behind one of the larger stacks. "Looking for the right wand for you, eh?"

After I nodded, he smiled warmly and went up a ladder to grab a wand from a stack that looked dangerously close to toppling onto him. I held my breath as he grabbed one from close to the top.

"Here we go, 11" Holly, Unicorn Hair," he said as he took the beautiful item from it's box and handed it to me.

I flicked it and the window shattered. With eyes wide I set the wand back in it's box carefully so as not to do that again.

"Ah, what was I thinking? Holly isn't right for you. Let's see.... where is it...." He started to glance at all the stacks until he came to one that was so tall it almost reached the ceiling. He reached for a box that was in the middle and when he pulled it out I had to shut my eyes. I was almost sure the pile would crush him. After no crash happened I opened one eye to find Mr. Ollivander smiling at me and holding out a wand. The pile was frozen in space. With a swish of his wand the pile re-stacked itself.

I took the wand from his hand, and with a gulp flicked it. Beautiful sparks and streamers appeared from the tip and the feel was so right.

"Ah, see I knew Holly wasn't right for you. This one here is a 10" Hawthorn, Unicorn Hair. Quite springy too. I know you two will be most wonderful together."

After paying for my wand, I walked out of the shop with a smile that I just couldn't seem to get off my face.
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Wayward Wiccan
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