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 New Points System

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Professor Lilly Evans
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Head Master
Professor Lilly Evans

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PostSubject: New Points System   New Points System EmptyThu Dec 16, 2010 7:13 pm

Professor Snape and I have decided a new point system is in order.

With this system, only Professors can post points, and there will be a thread for each house, mid term and end of term, either Professor Snape or I will tally the points to award a winning house.

Professors, When you award a student points, put the update under that student's house post using this format:

Points Awarded:
Name of Professor:
The same format of post will be used to update points to keep it uniform. and I am going to add the current points to the threads right now so we can see who is a head as of today.

Lots of love,
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New Points System
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