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hermione granger
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4th Year

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PostSubject: soooo...   Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:37 pm

Okay so i guess ima warn u ahead of time... ima be leaving after the next tournament..... professor snape may know why but for those of u who dont... Im sick and tired of trying for stuff that i cant get because someone ekse who comes along thats older than me always gets what im going for and now im sick of it. I dont believe that its a good thing that im giving up and Ive tried as hard as i can not to give up but.... Ive lost all hope with getting injured and at school people getting what im going for also... i dont think i can stand it anymore.

--Hermione Granger

P.S. A wise person once told me that things would come to those who believe and to those who have worked har. But if thats true than why havent i gotten one thing ive deserved.. i mean i have work for nearly a year for apperantly nothing.
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